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I could of went with a cheaper spare Tire. Having the Bar, Jack & Spare in one convenient Carry Case is wonderful.
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Great product, nicest spare I have ever owned.
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This is the second kit I’ve purchased, perfect for a car that comes without a spare. Kit has everything you need for a roadside fix.
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Received my tire in excellent condition. Getting registered and installation instructions downloaded. Will definitely recommend this unit to family and friends!
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The product is of superior quality. It came in a timely manner and is all it was as advertised and is actually better than expected!
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High quality components. Slim profile does not fill up my small trunk. Worth its weight in gold because I no longer have to buy expensive run flat tires. Helpful customer service.
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Product was shipped on time.Tire Fit was perfect. Very happy with the tool kit. Would recommend this product.
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Looks good. bought for piece of mind after getting a sidewall split at 1200 miles. fits great in the existing yet, empty wheel well of my Honda.
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This is a very well packaged product…especially when purchasing the wheel cover carrying case. Everything fits nicely inside the zippered cover ready for when an emergency arises.
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Just received and very impressed by the quality of the spare and its accessories. It fit very nice on the Kia but more importantly it looks like it can be used on other models. Very happy so far.
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Extremely satisfied
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Awesome product. Fits perfect.
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Great product. Comes neatly packaged and fits great in the trunk.
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Great product, very quick delivery. I will recommend this to my relatives.
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Happy to support American small business! Quality spare and accessories. You won’t go wrong in obtaining spare tire kit if your vehicle did not come with one.
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Just received my Modern Spare tire for my 2024 Honda CR-V Sport hybrid. Everything seems high-quality, including the carrying case. Obviously (and thankfully) haven't had an opportunity to use it yet, but it already gives me peace of mind.
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Great to have a solid spare to count on in my new Tesla Model 3.
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Excellent, the tire is more substantial than I expected but it is still lightweight and it fits easily in my small trunk.
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Great product quality. I love the spare tire case.
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I was impressed by the overall quality of the total kit. The allow wheel was nicely finished, the quality of the tools were top notch and the carrying case was made of rugged materials.
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Spare Tire Kit Options For Mercedes Sprinter Based Off-Road RVs


  • 2 Tire And Wheel Options To Choose From.
  • Wheel-Only Option Available With No Tire Mounted 
  • Thor Factory-Matched Aluminum Alloy Wheel (Compatible With All Mercedes Sprinter 4X4 RVs)
  • BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A Radial LT245/75/16
  • OEM Supplied Wheel To Perfectly Match The Style And Size Of Thor Tranquility Or Thor Sanctuary Wheels
  • Suitable For All 4X4 Sprinter-Based Off-Road RVs And Similar Models With A 6X130mm Bolt Pattern
  • BFGoodrich Tire Is Shipped Fully Mounted, Inflated, and Balanced. Ready To Mount And Go
  • Wheel Features Mercedes Sprinter Bolt Pattern of 6X130mm Utilizing Your Mercedes Ball Seat-Type Lug Bolts


Shipping As Low As $48 Flat-Rate -Anywhere in the Continental US


Estimated to ship on or before April 19, 2024


The Right Spare Tire Kit For Your Off-Road Sprinter Based RV. 

Modern Spare now offers a perfect solution for Sprinter-Based 4X4 RV owners looking for a suitable spare tire.

Many of the major RV builders are now leaving a factory-supplied spare tire out of the included-equipment packages. Furthermore, it is rare that an RV seller offers or has access to a proper aftermarket spare tire option. 

Our ready-to-use spare is the genuine OEM aluminum alloy wheel found on the Thor Tranquility and Thor Sanctuary. Each wheel and tire combination comes fully inflated and balanced with a brand new BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A Radial tire matching your LT245/75/16 size. For Sprinter-based off-road RV owners in need of a suitable spare tire, this setup is suitable for your 4×4 RV even if your OEM wheels are not the exact style match. This wheel will fit properly for any 1500/2500 4×4 Sprinter-based RV. 

Off-road, out-of-the-way adventure can go hand in hand with peace of mind. Take off without worry of potential tire failure. Simply put, no off-road RV should be without this critical add-on. The Alloy wheel is machined specifically to utilize your factory OEM lug bolts, mount exactly like your original wheels, and enable you to get back to your planned adventure. 

Although the spare tire may not be included, generally the Sprinter-based RVs will have some factory-supplied tire tools. Considering the alterations made to your Sprinter for off-road capability, Modern Spare offers tools and accessories more suited for your 4X4 Sprinter Van.  Along with your spare wheel and tire, be sure to select the tools and accessories to keep you well prepared. Modern Spare has considered the frustrations that come with typical spare tire tools.  A simple item like a wrench set can be just right or just a headache. We offer a compact, high leverage wrench set that, after lots of testing, has shown to be ideal for removing and installing Sprinter lug bolts compared to wrench sets used on lug nuts. 

We have sourced an OEM Mercedes jack specific to the Sprinter. Our jack is not only compact, but it also has the weight capacity needed to change your tire on a fully loaded RV. Locating an ideal lift point on your Sprinter RV when using a universal jack can be a challenge and there are critically important safety issues to consider.  The most important feature of our Sprinter RV jack is the jack head. This high-lift bottle jack features a unique jack top designed for the lift points built into each Sprinter*. This provides a safer and better option than trying to identify a random suitable lifting spot under your van.

Besides our available wheel chocks and other spare tire-related accessories, consider a pair of wheel alignment pins. As mentioned, your Sprinter-based RV uses lug bolts to secure the wheel in place. When placing the spare tire or the regular tire back on the van, there is no way to “hang” the heavy off-road wheel and tire onto the van’s wheel hub. Not to mention the tricky part of making sure lug holes are lined up properly. When a wheel uses lug nuts, you can place the wheel onto the vehicle’s studs before hand-threading on the lug nuts. Our available wheel alignment pins allow you to hang the wheel and tire onto the hub of your Sprinter RV until you can hand start the lug bolts. Once you have a few lug bolts started, the pins can be removed to finish the job. Check out the alignment pins video below. After one tire change, you’ll thank yourself for having these with your spare tire. 

Additional information

Kit Options

Wheel / Tire / Alignment Pins, Wheel / Tire / Alignment Pins / Wrench Set, Wheel-Only (No Tire Inlcuded)


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Make Model Year Trim
Sprinter 4X4 Sprinter-Based RV 2018 - 2023
Thor Sanctuary 4x4 Sprinter-based RV 2020 - 2023
Thor Tranquility 4X4 Sprinter-Based RV 2020 - 2023

The Modern Spare Advantage...


There is no such thing as a “universal” Spare tire and wheel

It is critically important the spare tire you choose is designed and engineered specifically for your make, model and year. Carmakers are always changing, redesigning and improving the performance and efficiency of the vehicles they offer. These changes, although sometimes minor, must be considered carefully in spare tire design.

So Many factors are considered

Modern Spare engineers each spare kit specifically for the vehicle model and year it is made for. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your Modern Spare is right for your vehicle.


More than being lightweight

Let’s be honest, changing a spare tire is not fun. We understand this first-hand and who wants to eagerly venture out in the cold weather or blazing sun to change a flat? So, we simplified it. A narrow space-saving spare tire can be so much better than what carmakers used to provide.
We took our carefully engineered wheel design and partnered with a state of the art aluminum alloy wheel manufacturer. Each kit is purpose-built to be both lightweight and extremely durable. Also, each spare tire and wheel we offer is carefully engineered to be the right and correct fit for your car.

Durable and Strong

By utilizing a lightweight alloy wheel, the Modern Spare ® is 35% lighter than its steel counterpart. We engineered our lightweight wheel and tire to be tough and durable enough to travel farther than typical spare tires allow.* The combined effect of being tough and lightweight makes changing a flat tire much less strenuous in addition to providing peace of mind as you travel.

Ease Of Use

Getting back on the road should be easy

Changing a flat should be quick and easy. We achieve this by including purpose-built tools into every Modern Spare kit. The goal is to get you back on the road quickly. The TruLift scissor jack system promises to be the most simple and effective small jack that you will ever use. Thanks to its leveraged ratcheting system, our TruLift jack system requires just minimal effort to raise your vehicle and bring your car down safely.

Having the right tools

Stubborn lug nuts can add stress to an already stressful situation. We have included a telescoping breaker-bar style lug wrench. Our compact wrench features an extendable handle to provide optimal leverage. Even the most stubborn lug nuts are removed and reinstalled easily. Finally, since a flat tire is a dirty tire, we had the forethought to include a large plastic tire bag in each kit. You can now protect your car’s interior while transporting your flat to the repair shop.​

Extended Range

The old way…

Traditional spare tires once provided by carmakers typically had a limited range of fewer than 50 miles. The range limit is due to the cost savings of manufacturing a small limited-use spare tire. Likewise, these typical factory-supplied spares have a much smaller rolling diameter compared to the vehicle’s factory tire size. Using a spare that is so much smaller than your factory tires can put extra strain on the vehicle’s drivetrain and will often lead to failure if used for travel over the stated limit.

The new way…

Our kit is designed to better match the rolling diameter of your vehicle’s factory tires. This prevents excess strain on your vehicle’s drivetrain. Also, if the situation requires, this allows you to travel farther than the limited 50-mile range of old spare tires.* Each Modern Spare kit comes equipped with an actual reinforced tire for a more useful travel distance and at more normal highway speeds. With the right size spare tire, you can more easily complete your trip or travel to a repair shop of your choice. Whether you have AWD, a limited-slip differential, or a locking differential, our kit is safe for the sophisticated drivetrain of your car.
*See range and speed details here