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Why Produce A


The simplest answer would be necessity.

finding spare tire solutions

Modern Spare designs and produces spare tire and wheel kits engineered for your car. The company was born when I recognized the real need for a truly Modern Spare tire and wheel solution. I’m a passionate car enthusiast. I love to spend time working on and of course, driving my C5 Corvette. This car was not originally equipped with a spare tire. Although I spent a lot of time looking for a good spare tire solution, no proper spare tire kits were available.

On two separate occasions, while driving other cars, I found myself with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. I had spotty cell phone service and was nearly 70 miles from the closest service station. 

Thankfully, both cars had spare tires but these experiences left me feeling uneasy. I knew I’d be unprepared traveling in my Corvette.

Can’t find a spare tire solution? Make one.

A few years ago, I had the chance to participate in a Corvette club road trip. Our chosen route included several long stretches with very few service stations and little, if any, cell phone coverage. We knew how disastrous a simple tire failure could be for our schedule and the group’s overall enjoyment of the trip. 

Like other Corvette owners, I considered purchasing a full-size tire and wheel. The full-size spare option is known to be very cumbersome and just not practical. Even for cars with more than enough trunks space, this is not a permanent solution.

Furthermore, I learned that the problem of car manufacturers no longer supplying spare tire kits is not exclusive to Corvettes. Many late model performance cars, family cars, and even all the current Tesla models are no longer equipped with spare tires. Not to mention, the alternatives they do offer are barely adequate. (Read Spare tire alternatives at the bottom of our home page.)

Spare tire kits Tesla Corvette Challenger Camaro

So much to consider.

I wondered; why can’t a spare tire be as modern and advanced as the modern cars they fit? 

Developing a proper and practical spare tire kit poses many challenges. To design a truly modern spare tire solution requires more than simply bolting on a wheel that happens to fit. A wheel design must have adequate brake clearance, have precisely accurate bolt patterns, and have the correct wheel and tire diameters, just to name a few.

The challenge: Can we take all these factors into consideration, build exceptional quality into a space-saving spare, and ensure that our design is safe for the sophisticated drive train of your modern car? Not wanting to back down from this challenge, a team of automotive engineers and wheel experts came together and we got busy. Over the course of 9 months, we tested and tweaked our design. After many variations and months of testing, we perfected our ultra-strong 18×4 aluminum alloy space-saver wheel. Our design fits as it should and is right for your car.

 Because we strive to build exceptional high-quality into our products, we partnered with an industry-leading alloy wheel manufacturer. They produce our exclusive Modern Spare space-saver wheel to hold the stringent DOT and European TUV certifications and exceed our rigid quality-control standards.

A perfected spare deserves perfected tools.

Spare tire kit complete for BMW Tesla Mercedes

With our perfected wheel design in-hand, we mated it with a real tire but in a size that saves space and is right for your car. We then focused our attention on tools. We re-examined every aspect of the conventional spare tire tool kit and identified ways to improve it. Tire changing tools are long overdue for improvement and you deserve a tool kit as perfected as our spare.

Our kit features a unique heavy duty scissor jack for ultra-low profile cars. To make it easy to use, we added a ratcheting handle that allows you to utilize leverage to easily lift your car. To make sure stubborn lug nuts don’t keep you stranded, our complete kit includes an extendable breaker bar type lug wrench with sockets to fit four lug nut sizes. For newer cars without a dedicated spare tire storage space, we created a carefully designed reinforced carrying case. Our case secures the entire kit while using minimal trunk space.

Our commitment.

Bottom line, we are a company that cares about our reputation of building excellence into every product we offer. Our goal is to exceed your expectations for quality and good service. 

You may be a passionate car enthusiast, a person who relies heavily on dependable transportation or you may be someone wanting additional peace of mind as you travel. You can drive with confidence with your Modern Spare kit.

Should you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you! Whether you need assistance choosing the right kit for your car, information on upcoming kits for cars not shown, or assistance with placing an order, feel free to drop us a line. (801) 896-3395 or via email –


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