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    Let’s be honest, changing a spare tire is no fun.  We get that and admittedly would not be the first to eagerly venture out in the cold and wet to change a flat.  So we simplified it.  Rather than lumber around a full size wheel and tire or heavy steel spare we connected with a state of the art aluminum alloy wheel manufacturer to purpose build a spare tire combo that is both lightweight and extremely durable.  By utilizing an alloy wheel we are able to produce a product that is 35% lighter than its steel counterpart.  To make our combined kit as light as possible we utilize a telescoping socket wrench and our innovative TruLift Scissor Jack.  The combined effect is to make changing a flat tire much less strenuous in addition to providing better fuel economy when the kit is in your car.  

    Pontiac g8 spare tire kit

    Changing a flat should be quick and easy.  We achieve this by including purpose built tools into every Modern Spare kit to get you back on the road quickly.  The TruLift scissor jack system promises to be the most simple and effective small jack that you will ever use thanks to its leveraged ratcheting system.  TruLift requires such minimal effort that a young child could easily raise a car in order to change a flat.  To increase the efficiency of removing the flat and placing the spare on your vehicle we have included a telescoping lug nut wrench.  This compact wrench extends to provide optimal leverage in order to quickly remove and replace the lug nuts on your vehicle.  To top it all off we had the forethought to include a simple plastic bag in each kit to contain any dirt or residue from the changed flat.  

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    It is common for many OEM spare tire kits to have a limited range of 55 miles.  This is due to the cost savings of manufacturing a small spare tire and wheel combo that has a smaller rolling diameter than the vehicle’s stock wheels.  This presents a problem due to the fact that it creates extra strain on the vehicle’s drivetrain components and will often lead to failure.  Our kit is designed to match the rolling diameter of your vehicle’s drive tires so that no excess wear is placed your vehicle’s drivetrain components making it possible to complete your trip.  Whether you have AWD, a limited slip differential, or locking differential our kit is guaranteed to be safe for your vehicle.  

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    Just how important is having a spare?

    Spare Tire Kits & Wheels by Modern Spare

    What’s worse than a flat tire?  The sinking realization that you are in the middle of nowhere and have no way to fix it.  

    Surprisingly, more than ⅓ of car models sold today come without that little lifesaver, but why?

    Weight and cost savings for auto manufacturers, which is partially influenced by government mandated fuel efficiency standards.  So what options do manufacturer’s leave you with?

    tire case repair wheel and spare tire kit cases 2016-2017 Chevrolet Camaro Complete Kit – ZL1
    chevrolet malibu spare tire

    Inflator Kits

    – In most cases, this is a manufacturers substitute for a spare tire. However,

    inflator kits are extremely limited in the damage that they can repair.  The are

    only effective on punctures that are clean through the center of the tire tread,

    such as a nail.  Side wall damage, curb strike, pothole, or blowout?  You are out

    of luck.  The sealant in these kits can also damage tire-pressure monitoring

    systems with some replacements ranging up to $300 – $400 a piece.

    Spare Tire Kits for Camaro, Corvette, Buick, Pontiac, Dodge, Chrysler, Holden & Cadillac


    – Having a AAA membership provides peace of mind for countless drivers as

    their services solve many roadway breakdowns.  However, in a number of

    circumstances having a AAA membership as your spare tire back up is a bad

    idea.  Should you have a sports performance car, it is likely that your vehicle

    will be damaged when being loaded on a tow truck due to it’s low ground

    clearance.  Furthermore, AAA will drop you at the nearest service station and

    chances are slim that the said service station will stock the wide low profile Z

    rated tire size that your car requires.  More likely than not you will spend a

    couple days in a motel waiting for a replacement tire to arrive.  One can see

    how relying on this solution can turn into an expensive and painful experience.

    Should you find yourself with a flat in an area with no cell phone service the outcome is even more bleak.

    AAA membership disadvantages AAA vs spare tire kits

    camaro ss spare tire (years 2010-2017)
    pontiac g8 spare tire


    – This solution is very popular among high performance cars.  The idea behind

    this technology is that if you are to puncture a tire you can drive up to 50 miles

    at a reduced speed on the flat tire to the nearest service station.  However, this

    technology has significant drawbacks.  Should a blowout occur the run-flats

    are useless.  Furthermore, once driven on with a small puncture they can no

    longer be repaired and must be replaced which can often bear costs in excess of

    $500 per tire.  A large price to pay for a simple puncture.  What’s more, if a

    service station with the correct replacement tire is not within 50 miles you are

    left stranded.  One must also consider that run flat tires produce more road

    noise, provide sub par ride quality, offer reduced handling abilities, and come

    at nearly twice the purchase price of their non run-flat counterparts.

    Our solution

    – is one that will work in every situation in a more cost effective

    way than any of the aforementioned alternatives.  Our engineered solution is

    lightweight, reliable, and vehicle specific.  We have taken the time to produce

    the best spare tire kit on the market today by using a cast aluminum wheel

    with built in brake clearances for your specific vehicle.  To make our kits a one

    stop solution we’ve included an innovative ratcheting vehicle jack, lug wrench,

    and wheel carrying case where applicable.  Better yet, our spare tire kit is

    designed to get you home and not just to the nearest service station.  Our tire

    and wheel combo is specifically engineered so that it can be driven on for long

    distances with no adverse effects to your vehicle.  

    Camaro spare tire kit

    pontiac g8 spare tire kit