A Modern Spare for your Modern Cadillac.

Modern Cars, especially Cadillacs, are highly engineered and very technical. The typical spare tires provided by carmakers in the past are simply not a great solution for newer, sophisticated drivetrains.

Modern Spare went straight to the drawing board. We engineered a Modern Spare tire kit specifically for your Cadillac. We factored in the needed clearance of large performance brake calipers. Our spares are safe to use with AWD and limited slip differential systems.  Furthermore, you need a spare tire to get you back on the road and headed where you’re going. We designed our spares to be lightweight and easy to mount.  Once installed, you can travel the distance you need and at normal highway speeds. 

Every tool and accessory included in our complete kits was re-thought. In fact, we gave each component the same careful consideration as we did with our wheel and tire design.

You can now travel with peace of mind. Modern Spare provides the right kit with the right fit for your Cadillac. Enter your car’s information below and select the best kit that suits your needs. If you need assistance in selecting the best kit and correct fitment for your General Motors car, reach out to us here.

Modern Spare proudly provides carefully engineered spare tire kits for your modern Cadillac.

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Why We Love Cadillac.

The Cadillac of…

Used for years as a way to reference the best of something, Cadillac is an incredibly powerful brand.  Cadillac’s engineers and designers knew they were the “Cadillac” of GM and weren’t about to let anyone forget it. As GM’s luxury division, Cadillac had preferential research and development budgets and out of those resources came amazing results. If a GM car is smoother, quieter, and more luxurious, that GM car is a Cadillac. No better place for GM to showcase innovations in style, luxury, and performance.

Competing on the world stage-

The Cadillacs of today show GM’s effort to keep its luxury heritage stong. A car buyer has more luxury car options today than ever before and if carmakers do not perform, they won’t sell cars. Your modern Cadillac is proof. The introduction of the Cadillac V series demonstrates GMs determination to play the performance game and play it well.  In a class with BMWs M series and the AMG cars from Mercedes, the V series Cadillacs are serious performers. As a result, this world-class engineering trickles down into more tame Cadillac models. As design performance advances, Cadillac buyers get to enjoy these innovations in more affordable GM cars. 

We are honored to provide traveling peace to cadillac owners everywhere.

-Drive Confident