Modern Spare Carrying Case – 28″ x 6″


    • Specifically Designed For Cars Without A Dedicated Place For Spare Tire Storage.
    • Heavy Duty Modern Spare Complete Kit Carrying Case With Storage Pocket For TruLift Ratcheting Scissor Jack & Telescoping Lug Wrench.
    • 28″ x 6″ Dimensions
    • Rugged Reinforced Nylon
    • Features An Extendable Shoulder Strap For Easy Handling.
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    Product Description

    Yep! We’ve thought of everything.

    The Modern Spare carrying case serves a purpose far greater than just looking super sharp.

    Not only have car makers stopped offering a spare tire, for many late-model cars they have also eliminated the traditional spare tire storage space below the trunk floor. This space is commonly referred to as the spare tire “well” and it’s getting to be a thing of the past. Because of this, we have carefully designed our ruggedly handsome carrying case to hold your Modern Spare tire and wheel. Of course, it also neatly secures all your tools and accessories that are included in the complete Modern Spare kits.

    For the many cars without a dedicated tire well, this carrying case is an excellent storage solution while taking up minimal space in your trunk. We construct it with ultra-durable material and even go the extra step to reinforce it with interwoven nylon straps.  There’s no reason to go without peace of mind as you head down the road.

    Keep it all intact and ready when you need it.

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