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Continued Impact Of Covid-19 on Global Shipping

You may be familiar with the many shippers both globally and domestically that are currently behind schedule. This issue stems from COVID-19 related slowdowns in 2020, early 2021, and continues to affect the transportation of supplies for almost every industry type. The automotive industry, in particular, has experienced unique challenges. 

We here at Modern Spare have worked tirelessly to minimize the impact of this situation. Even with that effort, there have been unusual delays with incoming component shipments which in turn delays our ability to quickly assemble orders and get them shipped out.

Please note that our current ship-by dates are estimating orders to leave 30 days or in some cases, up to 45 days after an order is placed. These dates are estimates and will be indicated on your order confirmation. These longer than normal dates allow adequate time for inventories to arrive and have our staff members assemble your kit for shipment. Thankfully, orders are often shipped before the date shown.

Although we work to have orders shipped before this estimated date, there will be times some kits are shipped after their estimated date. If your order does, in fact, go beyond the estimated ship-by date, the order will include free add-on accessories. These may include compact wheel chocks among other safety-related items. These items vary by availability. 

With this situation beyond our control, the patience and understanding we have been shown is greatly appreciated. We could not ask for better customers and it means a lot to all of the staff here at Modern Spare.

If you plan to order and to ensure the fastest possible delivery, we encourage you to place your order soon. We ship all orders on a first-in-first-out basis. Modern Spare is committed to providing you great service, product support, and peace of mind in your travels. If you have any further questions regarding inventory or your order, please contact us.

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