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I could of went with a cheaper spare Tire. Having the Bar, Jack & Spare in one convenient Carry Case is wonderful.
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Great product, nicest spare I have ever owned.
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This is the second kit I’ve purchased, perfect for a car that comes without a spare. Kit has everything you need for a roadside fix.
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Received my tire in excellent condition. Getting registered and installation instructions downloaded. Will definitely recommend this unit to family and friends!
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The product is of superior quality. It came in a timely manner and is all it was as advertised and is actually better than expected!
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High quality components. Slim profile does not fill up my small trunk. Worth its weight in gold because I no longer have to buy expensive run flat tires. Helpful customer service.
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Product was shipped on time.Tire Fit was perfect. Very happy with the tool kit. Would recommend this product.
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Looks good. bought for piece of mind after getting a sidewall split at 1200 miles. fits great in the existing yet, empty wheel well of my Honda.
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This is a very well packaged product…especially when purchasing the wheel cover carrying case. Everything fits nicely inside the zippered cover ready for when an emergency arises.
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Just received and very impressed by the quality of the spare and its accessories. It fit very nice on the Kia but more importantly it looks like it can be used on other models. Very happy so far.
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Extremely satisfied
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Awesome product. Fits perfect.
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Great product. Comes neatly packaged and fits great in the trunk.
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Great product, very quick delivery. I will recommend this to my relatives.
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Happy to support American small business! Quality spare and accessories. You won’t go wrong in obtaining spare tire kit if your vehicle did not come with one.
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Just received my Modern Spare tire for my 2024 Honda CR-V Sport hybrid. Everything seems high-quality, including the carrying case. Obviously (and thankfully) haven't had an opportunity to use it yet, but it already gives me peace of mind.
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Great to have a solid spare to count on in my new Tesla Model 3.
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Excellent, the tire is more substantial than I expected but it is still lightweight and it fits easily in my small trunk.
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Great product quality. I love the spare tire case.
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I was impressed by the overall quality of the total kit. The allow wheel was nicely finished, the quality of the tools were top notch and the carrying case was made of rugged materials.


Modern Cars, Like Your Tesla, Require a Modern Spare

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Modern Spare is your premier provider of carefully engineered spare tire kits for your Tesla Model S, Model 3, or Model X. 

With all of Tesla’s incredible EV innovation comes the need for us here at Modern Spare to dig deep into our engineering skills. Simply put, we have carefully designed our spare tire kits specifically for your Tesla. The design of our spare kits require more consideration than whether a spare wheel has the same bolt pattern as your Model 3, Model S, or Model X. A truly modern car like Tesla calls for a truly Modern Spare.

We have to consider the size of the performance brake systems. Your Tesla brakes are high-performance systems and a spare wheel and tire needs to accommodate them. Moreover, we ensure that the Modern Spare kits are safe to use with electric drive systems in both the two-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive platforms. Tesla has unique and specific lift points on each model. Careful thought went into our jack design. We make sure you can raise your Tesla safely, easily and properly. These are just a few of the ground-up design considerations engineered into each Modern Spare kit.


Travel with peace of mind-

Should the unfortunate happen, you’ll have what you need to get back on the road. And with a Modern Spare mounted on your Tesla, you will have the needed range to get where you’re going and to a repair shop, you trust.

Enter the year and model of your Tesla into our make and model search tool. Choose the kit options that suit your needs and enjoy peace of mind as you travel with Modern Spare. If you need guidance in choosing the correct kit, reach out to us here. Check out more about us, our founder, and how Modern Spare came to be.

We’d love to hear from you.

Drive confident

-Modern Spare

So, Why Are We So Passionate About Tesla?

No doubt, Tesla is leading the way in electric vehicle innovation. We have entered an age where the definition of power and performance use very different terms.

True, electric drive systems may not have the grunt and growl of an American V8. Even a slow car can at least sound fast, right? However, that instantaneous  torque of modern electric drive systems is addictive. Tesla’s famous “Ludricrous Mode” is just plain fast and the relative silence is part of the new thrill. 

Tesla has created industry buzz at a level rarely seen and the excitement is much more than just good old fashioned zero to sixty. No doubt, major changes are coming to the automotive world. How we use and operate our vehicles is ripe for a major transition. As a result, the “smart” nature of future cars will lead to safer traveling, more efficient traffic flow and arguably a higher degree of reliability. 

The Future

We live in an exciting time to be an automotive enthusiast.  In just a matter of years, we may see all-electric vehicles with a mileage range that far exceeds or even doubles the range of a full tank of gas. Imagine someday being able to go 700, 1000, or even 1500 miles on a single charge. With longer range, improved charging times, and “smart” driving technology improvements, it is clear that electric drive vehicles are here to stay.

We’re passionate about Tesla as an innovator. More and more, travelers will need have options for those frustrating roadside emergencies. Modern Spare will continue to innovate and provide peace of mind for your travels.