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A Modern Spare for your BMW-

Modern Spare designs spare tire and wheel kits engineered specifically for your BMW. When designing our space-saving and lightweight BMW line of kits, we took a lot of important factors into consideration. BMW manufactures highly sophisticated automobiles. A proper spare tire and wheel require more than a simple match of the bolt patterns. 

We have you covered-

It’s time to be freed up from expensive and harsh riding run-flat tires on your BMW. The Ultimate Driving Machine deserves proper tires and we all know that run-flats are not ideal.  With a precisely matched spare tire kit from Modern Spare, your next tire purchase can be based on ride quality and performance – without fear of a failed tire. Modern Spare has sold spare tire kits to many happy customers and now offers spare tire kits for BMW owners. We’ve taken a similar BMW-like approach and launched the BMW kits after taking every possible design factor into consideration. When creating a space-saving spare tire and wheel combination to work properly with your BMW, we made sure our spare is safe for limited-slip differentials and sophisticated X-Drive systems. In addition, we made our kits super easy to mount and go. 

We utilize a tire made for freeway speeds up to 81 miles per hour. Much improved over the limiting 50-mile travel range of common factory-supplied spare tires. Should you have a failed tire on your BMW, you can quickly be back on the road and get where you need to be. Let Modern Spare keep you and your BMW moving with a spare tire kit made specifically for your car. Enter the model and year below and choose the best kit options for your needs. If you do not see your BMW model listed, be sure to contact us with model details.

Use our Make and Model search tool here to find the right kit for your BMW. If you have more questions about our kits, our company or finding the right options for your car, contact us here. Take a moment to read about us, our founder and how we came to be. Thank you for your interest in Modern Spare.

-Drive Confident

Why we love BMW-

As you may know, BMW is determined to do things their own way.

BMW has built a car culture around a trendsetting philosophy. BMW is not so radical compared to Citreon, SAAB (may they rest in peace) or similarly odd European car makers. However, BMW is certainly an engineering and design leader. The blue and white propeller logo references a rich heritage of engine building and implies that trends are to be set, not followed.

BMW takes a proactive approach to model design and development rather than being reactive to industry trends. For instance, the company maximizes the life cycle of their design models by launching next-generation designs in a very basic, understated form. The artwork of the new sheet metal speaks for itself and leaves room for performance and innovation in subsequent years.  Competing carmakers, will throw every performance improvement and feature into the first model year and hope to maintain buyer interest during the model’s lifecycle. BMW rolls out improvements and innovations slowly as the model series ages. Consumer interest stays strong even with aging body styles.

It pays off-

Few carmakers will get the long life cycles out of their model designs like BMW. The last year of a BMW design series is typically the most highly sought after in the used market.

Like any brand that is willing to engineer bold innovation, there is bound to be colossal blunders. However, BMW success stories always outnumber those few failures. We have passionate BMW fans here at Modern Spare, who believe the simplicity of a well-sorted E30 is still the best car ever produced. Yet on paper, the car is really nothing much to brag about. There is just something intangible about a BMW that wins you over and keeps your loyalty.