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    When designing our Buick and GM spare tire kits, we set out to build the ideal kit for your car.

    The Pontiac and Oldsmobile brands have been trimmed from the General Motors lineup. Both have rich histories and each has a large fan base. In later years, GM suffered heavy model redundancy. GM had many identically appointed cars with nearly identical styling offered across four nameplates. GM was ripe for change but thankfully, after some rather large shakeups, Buick remained a big part of the GM catalog. 

    Buick is not the first car brand on the public’s favorite list. However, with a simple test drive, you’ll see that Buick is putting forth respectable efforts to win you over. The General Motors marquee has a rich heritage and is much more than Cadillac’s less expensive cousin. In 1963, the Buick Riviera showcased their serious design skills and for many years the Riviera helped carve out Buick’s style identity. Buick played a big role in the muscle car war in the late 60s and certainly held their own. In 1970, the Buick GNX ( a Chevelle cousin) featured a 455 V8 with 510 lb-ft of torque. Certainly no slouch even by today’s standards. If you mention an 87′ Grand National with its angry turbo 3.8 v6 to a group of car fanatics, be prepared for a long-winded discussion.

    Modern Spare Tire Kits for Buick and GM cars-

    Modern Spare has carefully engineered our spare tire kits for your Buick. Not only providing the right fit but also making sure that using a Modern Spare Tire Kit is safe for the high tech and sophisticated drivetrain of your Buick.

    Modern Cars have very sophisticated drivetrains. The typical spare tires, provided by car makers in the past, would not be ideal for modern drivetrains and this certainly applies to Buick.

    We factored in the needed clearance of large performance brake calipers. We made sure that our kits are safe for use with limited slip differentials and AWD systems. Our spare tire kit allows you to travel where you need to go. You need a lightweight and easy to mount spare tire design and travel at normal highway speeds. Modern Spare allows you to drive confident and enjoy traveling with peace of mind.

    Even the tools and accessories included in your complete kit received the same careful design consideration as the Modern Spare Wheel and Tire. Our heavy duty Trulift Scissor Jack includes a ratcheting crank handle. This provides leverage advantage to easily lift and lower your vehicle safely. Stubborn lug nuts are no longer a challenge. Your Modern Spare complete spare tire kit includes an extendable breaker bar style lug wrench. 

    Enter your car’s information below and select the best kit that suits your needs. If you need assistance in selecting the best kit and correct fitment for your General Motors car, reach out to us here.

    Learn more about us, our founder and how Modern Spare came to be. 

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