2015-2019 Tesla Model X Spare Tire (Wheel & Tire Only)



    • Compact Space Saver Wheel/Tire Assembly.
    • 18×4 Aluminum Alloy Wheel With 5x120MM Bolt Pattern.  Continental 155/85R18 Tire W/81 MPH Speed Rating (112M) – 28.5” Rolling Diameter For Safe Extended Vehicle Use.
    • Tire Comes Mounted & Inflated For Immediate Use.
    • Lug Nuts Included.
    • **See footnote for rear brake caliper fitment information.
    • *See footnote for additional storage information.*


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    Product Description

    The Right Spare Tire For Your Model X

    We guarantee our compact spare tire to be the highest quality and best option for your Tesla Model X.  Here is why:

    To be incredibly simple to use, we designed an aluminum alloy wheel significantly lighter and more capable than traditional spares.  The wheel is much easier to handle and is better for vehicle performance & range.  We ensured that our alloy wheel meets or exceeds the latest DOT standards to ensure a high standard of quality.

    A roadworthy compact spare needs to go the distance. Therefore, we implemented the use of a Maxxis radial tire with a DOT “M” rating.  This rating gives the tire the ability to travel at freeway speeds up to 81 mph. Thus, giving you the ability to safely reach your destination.  Bottom line, when it comes to a high-quality compact spare for your Tesla Model X, you’ve found the best choice.

    Rear Caliper Clearance**

    Your Tesla Model X may have upgraded performance features that include larger rear brake calipers. This applies to all Model X vehicles with option code X025 built on or after May 8, 2017. The rear caliper is designed with the emergency brake integrated into the regular brake caliper. This larger caliper requires more clearance than Models without this caliper.

    If you experience a failed rear tire, there are two installation solutions:

    1. We have an available spacer specifically designed for the rear of your Model X. This spacer provides the needed clearance for the rear brakes and is mounted to your Model X before mounting the spare.
    2. Alternatively, a double tire change would be necessary. This involves mounting the spare tire/wheel on the front of your Model X and replacing the failed rear tire with the front factory wheel. 

    If you choose to include the spacer with your order, follow the link below to add the Tesla Model X spacer to your cart along with your chosen kit. Then proceed to check out as normal.

    Link for Tesla Model X Wheel Spacer-

    Spare Tire Storage*

    Many late model cars no longer have the traditional storage space below the trunk known as the spare tire “well”. The car model referenced above is one such example. Because of this, we have carefully designed a heavy-duty and rugged carrying case to hold your Modern Spare tire and wheel. For the car models without a dedicated place for a spare, this case is an excellent storage option while taking up minimal cargo space. The carryinf case has ample room for any additional tools and accessories you may have and features an extendable shoulder strap for easier handling.

    You can add the Modern Spare Carrying case to your order here-

    Another option for the car model listed above:

    Follow this link to choose the complete kit with all the Modern Spare tools, accessories, and the added carrying case-


    *This item currently has a shipping time of 2-3 weeks. As such, please expect your order to arrive within 2-3 weeks of the original purchase date. *

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