2007-2019 Nissan GT-R Accessory Kit



    • All the tools and accessories you need to safely change your tire
    • Durable, low profile 3000lb scissor jack designed specifically for your GT-R
    • Unique ratcheting jack handle makes raising your car a breeze
    • Telescoping, breaker bar style lug wrench with sockets to fit four bolt/nut sizes
    • Optional reinforced Modern Spare carrying case to store your Modern Spare wheel and tire along with all shown tools and accessories
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    Estimated to ship on or before September 19, 2019
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    Product Description

    When we set out to modernize the spare tire for your car, we didn’t stop there. A failed tire on a roadside can be frustrating enough and that’s no time to battle low-quality tire changing tools. Our tool and accessory kits are carefully thought out for ease of use and are built durable.

    If you have already purchased a Modern Spare tire and wheel or your car came with a spare, this kit is the perfect addition to keep you moving. Choose the optional rugged carrying case as a storage option. It is also carefully designed and will fit all your tools along with the Modern Spare tire and wheel. 

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